Category: Theology

William Paul Young’s False Gospel: Why the Author of The Shack is Not a Christian

While people who support the novel, and those who are heavily invested in its sales, have denied for years that The Shack teaches universalism and other heresies, there is now no sane possible denying of the charge of heresy with the release of Paul Young’s latest book. In The Shack some of the doctrines were somewhat veiled, but that cannot be said about ‘Lies We Believe About God’.

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The Antidote to Social Justice Warrior Bully Tactics

Those who oppose the so-called progressive left, are often increasingly attacked by social justice warriors with massive childish tantrums in the media. Political opposition to their militantly radical view is labelled as ‘racist’, ‘bigoted’, ‘homophobic’ and anything else that be used to identify a particular view as ‘oppressive’ without any clear argument to prove the point.

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