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James White and Yasir Qadhi: Dialogue or Interfaith Co-Operation?

There are many other issues which could be raised with regard to these dialogues, which are important in themselves; nevertheless, we will restrict ourselves to what, we believe, is the most pressing issue. Therefore in the following analysis we are not dealing with anything of a secondary nature; but we are in fact dealing with central questions of the faith and the gospel!

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The 4th Commandment: Remember to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

“[A]ll accustomed to meet on the day which is denominated Sunday, for reading the Scriptures, prayer, exhortation and communion. The assemblies met on Sunday, because this is the first day on which God, having changed the darkness and the elements, created the world, and because Jesus our Lord on this day arose from the dead.” –Justin Martyr, who died about 160A.D.

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