We hear a lot about discrimination of minorities from the mainly radical leftist media, however not much coverage is given to the hardships Christians often endure so that the LGBT community can force their views on everyone else. The recent court case involving Ashers Bakery demonstrates this.

As Sky News reported on their website:

Belfast-based Ashers told gay activist Gareth Lee they would not make the cake featuring Sesame Street puppets and the logo of campaign group Queerspace.

The McArthur family, who own the business, first accepted the order but later declined it because it conflicted with their beliefs that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

In a case taken by the Equality Commission, District Judge Isobel Brownlie ruled that the bakery had broken sexual orientation and political discrimination law and ordered it to pay £500.

But Ashers said it could not, in conscience, produce a cake that they felt would be sinful and have sought to overturn the judgment.

It seems clear that the Equality Commission believes in slavery. They believe that, regardless of what you believe, you can obtain someone else’s services by force. However this really is only the case for Christians being used by their LGBT slave-masters, as leftists seem to support Islam en masse, even though Islam commands that homosexuals should be stoned to death. The blatant hypocrisy demonstrated by the modern media and political cabal is astonishing.

Slavery might seem an extreme reference to some, but when a private business cannot turn down someone for a service, for clear moral reasons, then the ramifications of such a case are not difficult to see. Does the public own Ashers bakery? Surely when you own a business you can make the decisions, and not a tyrannical government.

Would we expect an LGBT bakery to put a slogan on a cake about how homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord? Would we expect an Islamic bakery to put a picture of Muhammad on a cake for some of its customers?

Are the same standards being applied to this case in which Ashers bakery is being forced to provide a cake, or face punishment from these pro-LGBT despots, with a slogan that is sinful? If it is not expected in the other cases, then why are Christians being discriminated against?

The LGBT want their lifestyle to be accepted and seen as good by all, especially by the Christian who knows God’s Word.

It also should be noted that we, as Christians, are not here on this earth to promote complete freedom of religion (although it should be used in a court when it is the law of the land, as we are to obey the government as in Romans 13). There is an impossible neutrality that has been evident in the Ashers case. You are either against God’s law, or for it. We can either support God’s first commandment, or freedom of religion, but not both. If you support complete freedom of religion then you are saying that it is okay for others to worship a false god.

As Christians we need to stand on God’s Word and not look to support a freedom that is not supported by God’s Word. God’s law is all that matters, regardless of who acknowledges this.