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The Antidote to Social Justice Warrior Bully Tactics

Those who oppose the so-called progressive left, are often increasingly attacked by social justice warriors with massive childish tantrums in the media. Political opposition to their militantly radical view is labelled as ‘racist’, ‘bigoted’, ‘homophobic’ and anything else that be used to identify a particular view as ‘oppressive’ without any clear argument to prove the point.

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What LGBT ‘Equality’ Really Looks Like: Ashers Bakery Loses Appeal

It seems clear that the Equality Commission believes in slavery. They believe that, regardless of what you believe, you can obtain someone else’s services by force. However this really is only the case for Christians being used by their LGBT slave-masters, as leftists seem to support Islam en masse, even though Islam commands that they should be stoned to death. The blatant hypocrisy demonstrated by the modern media and political cabal is astonishing.

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Has Your Church Abandoned the God of the Bible?

Virtually all of the churches out there, who profess to be ‘Christian’, claim to love Christ and God’s Word. However, there are many Churches that clearly do not, which can be seen by those who are inside and outside the Church alike (Matthew 7:16, 20). While often we cannot tell from the outside looking in, and we should always guard against rash judgement, but sometimes we can see clear and obvious signs of apostasy. In such cases, where clear signs are to be seen, it is the duty of the Christian to raise his or her voice in opposition...

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