Category: Biblical Theology

James White and Yasir Qadhi: Dialogue or Interfaith Co-Operation?

There are many other issues which could be raised with regard to these dialogues, which are important in themselves; nevertheless, we will restrict ourselves to what, we believe, is the most pressing issue. Therefore in the following analysis we are not dealing with anything of a secondary nature; but we are in fact dealing with central questions of the faith and the gospel!

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A Case For Infant Baptism: The Children of Believers as a Part of the Visible Church of God on Earth

I used to be a believer in baptism only for professing believers for about 5 years after the Lord saved me. Recently though I began to look seriously at the issue. I took for granted that it was the right position and that infants, as they don’t have the ability to profess faith in Christ, should never be baptised. After all, I used to say, there is not one explicit example of an infant being baptised in the New Testament so it would seem that the case was closed. It would seem that, to many, Infant Baptism is a...

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